Volkswagen “Think Blue”

Always looking to the future innovatively, Volkswagen has developed a new campaign geared towards the environment and how it affects American drivers and the economy in the most positive way possible. This new campaign is called “Think Blue.”

Think Blue is a Volkswagen campaign of sustainable transportation, and focuses on designing and producing cars that are environmentally sound and a pleasure to drive. The ‘Think Blue Factory’ is proof of Volkswagen’s worldwide commitment to the environment.

In 2008, Volkswagen of America made the announcement to build a new state of the art
manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The plant opened in May 2011 and serves as Volkswagen’s North American manufacturing headquarters. With this project Volkswagen was not only committed to building a high quality product, but to build it in a remarkably innovative green facility.

Let’s fill in some blanks.

Why Chattanooga?

In the late 1960s, early 70s, Chattanooga was deemed one of the dirtiest cities in the United States. The country, city and state worked very hard to turn their green program around to be one of the greenest cities now in the US. Volkswagen wanted to be part of this location and their green thinking.

How has Volkswagen impacted on Chattanooga’s economy?

Volkswagen has created more than 3,500 jobs at the plant. It is expected that some 9,500 jobs will be created within the supplier pipeline and as a result of secondary employment in the region. According to independent studies, the plant is expected to generate $12 billion in income growth.

What are some of the things that this Volkswagen plant does to help the environment?

Decreasing energy and fresh water consumption are priorities. They use the most efficient electronic motors throughout the facility which is a 10% energy saving compared to a standard plant. They also use rechargeable battery powered as opposed to air powered tools. Rainwater is collected in several areas on the roof. This water is then used to help in cooling the welding process in the body shop. The painting process has already helped to cut the CO2 emissions by around 20%. Wastewater treatment, waste disposal and groundwater restoration are all performed in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design guidelines.

In addition, there are designated areas for protecting wetlands and native vegetation on the plant

All of this passion for environmental planning and execution was recognized and awarded with a Platinum status for their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

This is the top certification of LEED, which is even more impressive considering the Chattanooga site is the first manufacturing facility in the world to receive such a status.

For more info:

You can test drive a Volkswagen at David Maus Volkswagen North on Lee Road, or David Maus Volkswagen South on Orange Blossom Trail. Both in Orlando, Fl.

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