Solar Roadways?

As of June 10, the Solar Roadways Indiegogo campaign has raised $2,024,410. They were only asking for $1,000,000 but with 11 days left of the campaign, have raised 202% of that goal. To what do they owe their immense success? A YouTube video made by major fan of the project, Scott Brusaw.


The video in question, titled “Solar Freakin’ Roadways,” currently has 15,882,559 views. It was made halfway through the campaign by Brusaw, simply because he passionately believes in the cause. It explains the idea of Solar Roadways and emphasizes all of the benefits implementing them would bring about.


The premise of Solar Roadways is, as you might’ve guessed, to turn America’s roads into LED-lit solar panels, absorbing energy while being driven upon. If put into effect, the project could potentially create three times the amount of energy America currently uses. The panels even have the ability to melt snow and change what’s displayed on them. That means that no one would ever have to shovel or plow snow again, and that roads could adapt instantly to whatever was needed of them—closing a lane, adding a bike lane, changing a regular parking space to a handicapped one, or even indicating that an animal was crossing up ahead. Of course, this is mostly wishful thinking. The creators have thus far only made a couple of prototypes, and getting everyone to agree to install these solar-paneled roads everywhere would take a miracle—and certainly more than $2 million.



The way Brusaw explains it in his video, the system sounds flawless. He makes it sound like people would be crazy not to jump on board immediately. In all likelihood, there are flaws in the plan, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. We should’ve known that, with so many electric cars now on the market (like the VW E-Golf, coming to dealerships later this year), something like this wouldn’t be too far behind—hopefully it’s not too far away from becoming a reality in the future as well.

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