In ‘The Drifters’ by James Michener, a VW Bus played an important role in getting people around.  It got me traveling.  And everyone I knew wanted one of them.

And then I got a 1969 VW Bug.  And life was good.

I drove that car cross country….from Los Angeles to the East Coast.  Great gas mileage by the way.  And a good, cheap car.

But that was then. And this is now.

A couple of facts…

The VW Bug has sold more than 21 million cars world wide.

While the overall appearance of the Beetle has changed little over the years, it has received over 78,000 incremental changes during its production.

The Beetle has made numerous appearances in Hollywood films, most notably as Herbie in The Love Bug.  Racing number 53, by the way.

I tell you all of that to tell you this…

A new ragtop Beetle goes on sale in early 2013 with a diesel engine.  That makes it the only diesel convertible available in the U.S. according to Road and Track magazine.  They say to expect the “fast-acting convertible top, in typical VW tradition, to be of high quality, well insulated and fitted with a rear glass window.”

From Daytona to Cocoa to New Smyrna Beach…A car you’d look great in.

With sunglasses of course.

Be on the look out for it.

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