10 Times VWs Were More Than Just A Car

Having a Volkswagen is similar to the bond you share with Fido. Ok, maybe not JUST like that, but your VW is always there for you as you embark on a new adventure, like your favorite furry companion. You go and see things together, experience new places and make memories along the way. Our VW’s become more than just a car to us, they become a part of our life and our families. We mold them to fit our lifestyles and we customize them to make them our own. Though, you probably won’t understand the connection between a person and their VW unless you have had the privilege to own one yourself. Here are 10 times VW’s were more than just cars to us:

1. It’s easy to develop an appreciation for VW’s at a young age. Myself, I’ve been counting VW bugs in my sleep for as long as I can remember. Not really sure why, but this might be a clue…

*See below











2. Food trucks are all the rage, aren’t they? For some reason, food is just better when it comes out of a souped up vehicle. (Test: Can you spot a pun when you see one? Can ya?!) If you’re anything like the person who owns this VW, your car certainly means more to you than mere transportation, it’s an outlet to pursue your passion and make a living for yourself.










3. Volkswagens are more than just a car, they are a fashion statement and way of identification. I mean, how many different colored, customized Volkswagen whips have you seen out there? A TON. Its a VW thing. Plus, personalizing these bad boys makes finding your car after a day of shopping a breeze. Double whammy!











4. Did you ever think a Volkswagen would offer you words of encouragement? Probably not. But, yet again, this breed of car is showing us how to live a happier life. We’ve gotta give it up for a Volkswagen’s way of reminding us that “Life is good.”







5. Ok, listen. Clearly Volkswagens are near and dear to your heart if you’ve got a freakin’ VW toaster. No judgement. Personally, I have the waffle maker, mini fridge, microwave, and plate sets…If you own any sort of kitchen appliance resembling a Volkswagen, it’s become more than a car to you, it’s also a trusty cooking utensil. Gotta love V-Dub.









6.How ’bout all those times we’ve seen couples take really, really ridiculously cute engagement photos posed alongside their beloved VW? That VW is more than just a car, its part of their life, and when it’s long gone, they will always have these picture to remember it by!  Ahh, true love…











7. And sometimes we just can’t help it that we shape our breakfast foods like Volkswagen Beetles, ok? Why does everyone say its weird? It tastes better that way. With the Beetle always on your brain, it’s clear that VW is more than just a car to you, it’s a way of life.











8. Oh, and don’t tell me that you forgot about the Mystery Machine? Those are childhood memories, people! That can’t be replaced for all the money in the world! Volkswagens are definitely more than just a car. Case and point made purely on the grounds that Scooby Doo made the Volkswagen Van a lead role in the cartoons.









9. You’ve shared quite some romantic memories with your Volkswagen. You’ve driven it across the country or to the beach to watch the sunrise. Sometimes it’s just you and your VW. But there’s nothing wrong with that. You love that car because it’s more than just a VW, its your travel partner-in-crime.











10. When you wanted to get away, your VW never turned its back on you. Your constant travel companion, you could always depend on your VW to be your travel buddy. That’s why your Volkswagen continues to be more than just a car, its your ride or die partner in crime.








These are just a few of the ways we have seen Volkswagens transforms lives and become more than just a vehicle to their owners. And that makes us feel good.